Other ways to Contribute

homeless animal rescue project

Host a Benefit or Fundraising Initiative:
Wherever you live, whatever you do, you can host a benefit to raise awareness and donate the proceeds.

Donate the Proceeds:
If you own a business, donate a percentage of sales to benefit the animals, or run a campaign to help.

Estate Gifts:
Leave a legacy. Remember your favorite charity in your will and continue to help your favorite cause.

Stock Options:
Check with your Financial Advisor or Company to donate.

In Memory Of:
If there is a person or pet that has passed, a donation is a great way of honoring their memory. Make a donation in their name to keep their memory alive. It could be a one-time contribution, or a recurring donation on their birthday, a holiday, or the anniversary of their passing.

Wedding Registry:
For the couple that loves animals, make a donation in honor of that special day. Better yet, in lieu of wedding gifts, make the Homeless Animal Rescue Project or your favorite rescue part of your wedding registry. 

Special Occasions:
Is there someone in your life who loves animals? If so, make a donation in their name to honor a special occasion. You can make a donation for birthday’s, graduations, and holidays.