Homeless Animal Rescue Project

homeless animal rescue project

Each year, more than 4 Million animals, or over 10,000 per day, are killed in our "shelters" simply because they are homeless. In fact, it is the leading cause of death for healthy dogs & cats in the United States. We are a nation of animal lovers, yet this is happening in your community. It is a moral crisis and these animals need your help. 

The Homeless Animal Rescue Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in our shelters.  We donate 100% of the proceeds to rescues, sanctuaries and organizations that help animals in need. 

While some shelters are no kill and doing great work, many are anything but a place of refuge or safe haven. 
Most of our shelters are antiquated facilities where the animals often become sick, receive no or inadequate veterinary care and are held for only brief periods of time before they are killed if not rescued.

We raise awareness about our shelters, and raise money to support organizations dedicated to helping animals in need. We work with corporations to develop programs to help homeless animals and create a network of like-minded people to bring change to our shelter system.

With your support, we can bring an end to the killing of homeless animals in our shelters.

What We Do

homeless animal rescue project

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homeless animal rescue project

Send a check payable to:
Homeless Animal Rescue Fund
444 Madison Avenue 4th Floor
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